My Thesis

This blog contains various elements of my PhD  The Legacy of Frantz Fanon: culture, class & the psychology of oppression

Biography Link to brief bio of Fanon and the bio from my thesis

Introduction Link to Abstract and Introduction

Works Part 1 summarises Fanon’s works

Legacy Part 2 of the thesis looking at some of the areas in which Fanon’s work was influential

Relevance  Part 3 of my thesis looking at contemporary influences

Epilogue Summary of the thesis

References and Appendix from thesis


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  1. Thank you, hopkins1, for posting Angela Davis’s essay Women & Capitalism. You left out a pair of pages, though: pp. 150 & 151. If you could easily post the missing scan or send it to me (at, that would be much appreciated — otherwise I will look for The Black Feminist Reader at the library. Thanks!

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